Link creation not working _properly_ under 2.6 kernel?

Tom Spear speeddymon at
Thu Mar 15 09:25:31 CDT 2007

Hi all, I just got Slackware 11, and have a couple issues with link
creation.  I cant say that this worked with 10.2 either though, as I havent
had a Linux machine in about a year, since the motherboard died on my last

The first issue is that regardless of which kernel I use, the Desktop link
doesn't have the WinRAR icon, just the default blank paper KDE icon, and the
menu entries have no icons at all.

Second, with 2.4 the icon is created and put on my desktop, but with 2.6 it
is created and put where I have Drive C pointed to in winecfg.

Third, with 2.4 the menu entries are put in the menu under the wine folder,
but with 2.6 they are put under the installdir of the app.

I am using 0.9.32, as I cannot download the git version due to the corporate
firewall, and transparent web proxy..

If needed I can create a bug for this issue, and as soon as I get a free
minute I will reinstall and get the debug messages.



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