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Kai Blin kai.blin at
Thu Mar 15 21:10:19 CDT 2007

On Friday 16 March 2007 02:49, Remco wrote:
> I was thinking of a combined project between Ogre (graphics engine) and
> Wine. Ogre works on Windows and Linux. It has an OpenGL and DirectX
> backend. Maybe a student could try to get the DirectX-backend working in
> Linux with Wine.

I haven't tried yet, but this should be rather straightforward. You'd need to 
recompile all the depenencies and Ogre from source in wine, though, that's 
quite a hassle. I use Ogre in another project I'm in, I build Ogre rpm 
packages, I know what I'm talking about there. The Win32 dep package is for 
MSVC++ 2005 SP1, which didn't work in Wine, I think.

> This would result in a lot of patches for Wine, and the first native Linux
> DirectX app of this size that I know of. Wouldn't that be cool?

I don't actually see the difference between running Ogre apps and other 
DirectX apps.

Or am I getting you wrong and you're suggesting to make the DirectX backend 
work as a winelib app on native Linux without Wine?


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