Status of Wine & Mac OS X

Stefan Dösinger stefan at
Fri Mar 16 04:30:16 CDT 2007

Am Freitag 16 März 2007 09:42 schrieb Alexandre Julliard:
> Methril <methril at> writes:
> > Dear Wine deevlopers.
> >
> > I was looking thorugh the mailing list archives about the status of
> > wine working in Intel-Macs.
> It should work pretty much the same as on Linux. You do need an X11
> server since the quartz driver isn't functional yet.
The Direct3D and OpenGL parts are working too, but I am struggling with some 
driver issues. Namely GLSL shaders are completely broken, but Jason Green 
tells me that this is MacOS'es fault. Other than that a few handy Nvidia 
extensions are missing, but apple has its own, so we may want to add a few 
codepaths for apple exts to wined3d. I did that for GL_APPLE_fence so far, 
but there are maybe others.

What needs work for getting 3D stuff working better is the quartz backend. I 
haven't done any comparison benchmarks yet, but I think we're loosing a bit 
of performance due to the X server(But not as much as many mac users think), 
and there are some window setup issues because of the X server and quartz-wm
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