Another GSoC idea

Detlef Riekenberg at
Fri Mar 16 09:33:46 CDT 2007

On Fr, 2007-03-16 at 10:30 +0100, Stefan Dösinger wrote:
> Am Freitag 16 März 2007 02:49 schrieb Remco:
> > I was thinking of a combined project between Ogre (graphics engine) and
> > Wine. 

> Last I tried ogre on Wine I saw 
> that the gl backend mostly works, but the d3d9 and d3d7 backends are in a bad 
> shape.

I test sometimes "Magic_of_Stonehenge.exe" and that Ogre3D-Demo works
with the OpenGL and the d3d9 Backend.

The d3d9-Backend uses less CPU-Time compared to the OpenGL Backend.
(1027x768x32 Fullscreen in virtual Desktop-Mode,
 ATI Radeon 9500PRO, ATI-Driver)

By by ... Detlef

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