Tomb Raider Legends wine segfault with /dev/input/event*

Tom Spear speeddymon at
Fri Mar 16 17:18:36 CDT 2007

Looking at bug 5721, the final comment has found the problem that
causes this.  The original issue in the bug is fixed, but a new one
cropped up.  Basically if the user doesn't have r/w access to
/dev/input/event* then wine segfaults.  What should happen is that
wine should print an error on the console about it so that users that
read the console output can fix this problem..  I dont know of the
risks of allowing global r/w access to /dev/input/event* so maybe the
error shouldnt necessarily say that, but if there are no problems with
giving global r/w then it could say that..



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