Prompts on what to do next after an install

Chris Robinson chris.kcat at
Fri Mar 16 22:38:56 CDT 2007

> Running winecfg/wineprefixcreate isn't a part of the build routine,
> and I've never seen a build routine that said, now run our application
> using 'xyz'.  This is the same thing.  It doesn't even make sense in
> the first place though.  If you run wine and there is no existing
> directory at WINEPREFIX, then wineprefixcreate is run automatically.
> If the user already has a directory at WINEPREFIX and they run
> wineprefixcreate, nothing happens.  So in either one of these
> situations, telling the user after they've built wine to run
> wineprefixcreate will not make a difference.

That's not true. wineprefixcreate does more than just create ~/.wine, it also 
does some registry stuff (such as running regsvr32 on some dlls) and installs 
the 'fake' dlls.

Though it is generally a good idea to clean your registry every once in a 
while, and to do that I just run a script with:

rm ~/.wine/*.reg
for i in ~/reg-exports/*.reg ; do regedit "$i" ; done

That deletes and recreates the registry (while leaving my drive mappings 
alone), then reapplies specific registry exports stored in ~/reg-exports 
(such as specific program settings, or registry-sensitive programs I don't 
want to reinstall).

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