Hey all!!

Stephan Rose kermos at somrek.net
Sat Mar 17 09:34:15 CDT 2007

Ok guys, something's gotta change. I gotta stop logging into MS Sloth to
play Supreme Commander ;)

So that said, what can I do, where can I help? =)

To give a little info on my background, I've been programming for
roughly 10 years now...everything ranging from embedded &
microcontroller stuff (PIC / ARM) to high end MS Sloth Applications.

Familiar with DirectX, OpenGL, C/C++, C#, x86/ARM/PIC Assembly...

I am of course unfamiliar with the whole wine source code. I did look
over the rather daunting to-do list and wouldn't even know where to
start. =)

So I figured I'd send an e-mail out and see if anyone has any good
suggestions. =)

I'd really love to help with this. I for one think it's a great project
and XP has really got to stop taking up one of my precious hard

Thanks =)

Stephan Rose

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