Hey all!!!!

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Sat Mar 17 14:09:25 CDT 2007

Stepha wrote:
>To give a little info on my background, I've been programming for
>roughly 10 years now...everything ranging from embedded &
>microcontroller stuff (PIC / ARM) to high end MS Sloth Applications.
>Familiar with DirectX, OpenGL, C/C++, C#, x86/ARM/PIC Assembly...
>I am of course unfamiliar with the whole wine source code.
>I did look over the rather daunting to-do list and wouldn't
>even know where to start. =)

I would suggest starting by doing a couple weeks of
bug triage.  See http://kegel.com/wine/qa/
Then, while still doing bug triage, start writing conformance tests
to expose some of the bugs you're seeing.
Getting conformance tests committed to the WineHQ
tree is a good rite of passage :-)
Then, once you have the hang of that, pick
one of the bugs you've written a good conformance
test for, and try to fix it.
Have fun & stay in touch!
- Dan

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