Hey all!!

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Sun Mar 18 10:33:20 CDT 2007

Am Samstag 17 März 2007 15:34 schrieb Stephan Rose:
> Ok guys, something's gotta change. I gotta stop logging into MS Sloth to
> play Supreme Commander ;)
> I am of course unfamiliar with the whole wine source code. I did look
> over the rather daunting to-do list and wouldn't even know where to
> start. =)
I think the best thing for starting is to just debug your game and try to find 
out what is going wrong. Unfortunately this is tricky because wined3d is 
rather complex already, and some parts are still messy(surface/texture 
management and initialization come to my mind).

It has been some time since I made my way into wined3d, and a lot of code and 
concepts came from me during the last months. So I do not know what problems 
a newcomer faces. Fabian Bieler recently started working on wined3d, maybe he 
can give you some hints how to tackle the codebase? I'm CC'ing him.

If you have any questions or face some issues to not hesitate to ask either me 
or Henri Verbeet. Maybe we can compile a list of questions / hints on the 
wine wiki too.
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