Thanks everyone!

Stephan Rose kermos at
Sun Mar 18 10:17:49 CDT 2007

Thank you very much for your e-mails and suggestions everyone, I highly
appreciate it. =)

I am actually playing with debugging Supreme Commander right now a
little bit and one thing popped into my eyes instantly.

The problem that is occurring at the moment is that the installer won't
even fully go through. So I am not even at the point of trying to
install it yet.

It'll go very far but near the end it will die with an error 87 from
Install Shield.

The very first thing that popped into my eyes though when running the
installer was this:

fixme:process:IsWow64Process (0xffffffff 0x34d90c) stub!

That gets called literally hundreds of times. That makes seeing other
error messages difficult for one as it just drowns them out and also
slows the installer to a crawl.

What I am wondering though is this, is running under Wow64 something
that is ever actually going to happen within wine? Because if it's not,
then the function actually already does everything it will ever need to
do as far as I can tell by reading the documentation for it on

For the time being, I commented the fixme line out in the code so that I
can actually see other messages more easily and get to the failure point
of the installer much quicker.


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