WineCfg and DirectX options

Ray Jones rayjones at
Mon Mar 19 05:49:59 CDT 2007

H. Verbeet <hverbeet <at>> writes:

> On 17/03/07, Louis Lenders <xerox_xerox2000 <at>> wrote:
> > I completely agree with this.This fiddling around with regedit is really
> > annoying, and moreover you cannot see what keys actually can be added or
> > changed.
> >
> Because it's not something you should have to configure. 

But "fiddling around" with native and built in DLLs is something that shouldn't
have to be configured as well, but still, it has to be done and that's why it
can be found in winecfg. For those who like to configure DirectX thingers,
the better way (after a setting has become somewhat "useful" of course)
would be winecfg.
Even more, what if someone doesn't know about all the registry keys?
Every user knows winecfg, and I'd say users are more likely tempted to "play"
with some checkboxes than unknown registry settings, and users who "solved" a
problem this way are more likely to report this than those who have not been

On the other hand, why not implement switching these registry keys into
winetricks because it's doing a great job already anyway? ;

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