MikoX, aj Zalewski : user32: tests:Using DefWindowProcA with RegisterClassW works under Windows.

Mikołaj Zalewski mikolaj at zalewski.pl
Mon Mar 19 10:32:48 CDT 2007

> The test doesn't pass here under XP:

 I've also tested it under (a fully patched) XP. However it might be a 
differance in compilers - in your output the pointers to 
DefWindowProc[AW] looks like pointing to the EXE image. What compiler 
did you use? I've used Visual C++ 7.1 and get pointer pointing to 
user32. Could you do:

printf("%p, %p, %p\n", DefWindowProcA, GetModuleHandle(NULL), 

I get: 77D4D4EE, 00400000, 77D40000

Mikołaj Zalewski

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