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Jeremy Newman jnewman at
Mon Mar 19 10:40:57 CDT 2007

WineHQ is very overloaded. Spam connections are just out of control
these days. There are times when the spam floods are so high that other
connections are simply dropped. Not to mention that I feel the mobo on
this system is close to last gasps of life.

I have RBLs in place at the SMTP connection level, but the problem is
the connection still happens. At least the connection is quickly dropped
if the IP fails the RBL check. I am considering adding a monster
IPtables script that blocks known spammers, but I worry about the
performance ramifications of that as well.

I will be replacing the mobo on that server soon. It could be as soon as
today. At the same time I will adding double the RAM.

On Fri, 2007-03-16 at 18:27 -0700, Juan Lang wrote:
> Anyone else getting lots of TCP resets from since the
> maintenance?  I don't see this at work - or, my connection there is too
> fast connection for them to appear - but at home, I have to have a great
> deal of patience to browse the site, as it takes repeated reloads to get a
> successful page load.
> Just curious if anyone else is similarly bedeviled.
> --Juan
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