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Juan Lang juan_lang at
Mon Mar 19 13:17:55 CDT 2007

Sure, okay.  Glad you're looking into it.  For what it's worth, it's been
tolerable since I emailed.


--- Jeremy Newman <jnewman at> wrote:

> WineHQ is very overloaded. Spam connections are just out of control
> these days. There are times when the spam floods are so high that other
> connections are simply dropped. Not to mention that I feel the mobo on
> this system is close to last gasps of life.
> I have RBLs in place at the SMTP connection level, but the problem is
> the connection still happens. At least the connection is quickly dropped
> if the IP fails the RBL check. I am considering adding a monster
> IPtables script that blocks known spammers, but I worry about the
> performance ramifications of that as well.
> I will be replacing the mobo on that server soon. It could be as soon as
> today. At the same time I will adding double the RAM.

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