On bugs and docs

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at kievinfo.com
Mon Mar 19 19:57:52 CDT 2007

Tom Spear wrote:
> Hi all, just some quick questions.
> Also, is it against the rules in bugzilla to try to organize the bugs
> some way?  IOW The very old games metabug that I created (bug 1434)..
Bad idea. Metabugs are hard to follow and hard to use. Especially if
_every game in the whole wide world_ will make it into your metabug.

In turn _any_ change to _any_ of the bugs will create a huge number of
e-mails sent. Sume people either subscribed to wine-bugs or watch ML

> by someone else who in not so many words told me that I was spamming
> the bug list and that I was annoying everyone.
I think you should have asked first on the list. There are number of
people who watch over bugzilla. And any change on such a scale would be
good to discuss here

> Basically my idea was to make several tasklists to link to 1434 (bugs
> like dinput9, d3d8, etc), and then link individual games to each of
> those, so that someone working on games, and in specific on dinput9
> for example could easily find bugs related to dinput 9 without having
> to do a query.  But now I am worried that I am overstepping my bounds
> by trying to do so.  Does anyone _else_ object to this idea?
I do. As I explained above - using generic metabugs is bad. We have
components that do exactly that. Also we have keywords that cover things
 from the different perspective. Those two are enough to do what you
want to do.

Honestly we could do a better job at creating bug dependencies instead
of closing lots of bugs as duplicates. But that's about it.


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