WineCfg and DirectX options

Ivan Gyurdiev ivg231 at
Mon Mar 19 20:10:35 CDT 2007

Stefan Dösinger wrote:
>> Hi,
>> implementing GLSL checkbox, OffScreenRenderingMode dropdown menu and
>> VideoMemorySize textbox into winecfg would be easy.
> GLSL is OK IMO, because some drivers(*cough* macos *cough*) have serious 
> problems with glsl. It could be included into the shader dropdown box. The 
> issue that needs to be dealt with is that we can't combine arb vertex shaders 
> and glsl pixel shaders or vice versa.
Spec says otherwise...
I've also seen a software vertex shader with a GLSL pixel shader.
> What I have considered is some performance vs correctness slider.
We want incorrect graphics in wined3d?
>  With 
> decreased correctness things like render target locking or drawStridedSlow 
> are disabled. If the correctness is decreased even more some properly 
> implemented, but known to be expensive settings could be deactivated, like 
> smooth shading, per pixel fog(ok. not sure if that is expensive). Windows 
> drivers have such a setting, so why shouldn't we :-) . 
Are you sure it wasn't "performance vs quality" :)

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