On bugs and docs

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Mon Mar 19 18:52:13 CDT 2007

Tom wrote:
> Basically my idea was to make several tasklists to link to 1434 (bugs
>like dinput9, d3d8, etc), and then link individual games to each of
>those, so that someone working on games, and in specific on dinput9
>for example could easily find bugs related to dinput 9 without having
>to do a query.  But now I am worried that I am overstepping my bounds
>by trying to do so.  Does anyone _else_ object to this idea?

I do worry that that'll be a bit too spammy, given how bugzilla works.

I'd say "Ask the directX maintainers what they suggest."
Maybe they're happy with the way things are, or
maybe they'll describe a different problem you can help with.
- Dan

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