RSTs from

Juan Lang juan_lang at
Mon Mar 19 23:34:07 CDT 2007

> Could you belabor this some more?  I'm not sure I understand what you
> mean by TCP resets.  Your web browser gives you a disconnect message?

Sure.  Not typically - the page loads tend to hang partway.  I do
occasionally get a disconnect message, but it's timing dependent.  A
tcpdump capture showed that was sending TCP packets with the
RST flag set.  Sometimes a server will send RSTs in response to very high

> Any particular part of the web site?

All of it, really.

> Also, has it happened since 5:45 CDT today?  That's when a new
> motherboard with some extra ram went into place, running a shiny new
> kernel.

Haven't noticed so far!

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