Link creation not working _properly_ under 2.6 kernel?

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Tue Mar 20 03:23:37 CDT 2007

"Tom Spear" <speeddymon at> wrote:

> Im taking a look into menubuilder now to see if I can find anything
> and will post back once the site is back up (which will be about the
> time you read this).  By that time I will also have a bug # (since I
> cant very well create a bug with bugzilla down too)..  The full
> +menubuilder trace is attached with comments inside the file, and the
> trace will also be attached to the bug for future reference..

This not a proper place to send debug logs or bug reports, this is not
a user support channel either.

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Please stop posting advertisements here.


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