Accessing File > 4gb problem (was: Debugging Supreme Commander)

Stephan Rose kermos at
Tue Mar 20 09:08:03 CDT 2007

Well I checked errno and it is 22 (EINVAL)

So I then had a suspicion...

I wrote a short native test case that would open the file on the cdrom, and
just lseek to various offsets. Even running natively lseek fails past 4gb.

So then, I copied the file to the hard drive. Tried it again...
lseek succeeds past 4gb.

So apparently the issue comes down the lseek failing with > 4 gig files only
on cd-rom drives and ends up not being a wine bug after all as far as I can
tell. I will try to install it from the hard drive in a little bit and see
if it succeeds then. I didn't have enough time during lunch to actually let
the install run from the HD.

If that does work, I will at least make a note in the AppDB for supreme
commander on that particular problem and see if I can submit a bug report to
ubuntu for the lseek problem.

Unless someone has an idea how this might be fixable via wine? If so, I'd be
happy to give it a try. =)

Thanks all,


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On Tuesday 20 March 2007, Stephan Rose wrote:

> I checked sizeof(off_t) and it correctly reports as 8-bytes, so I am not
> sure what the problem is and why this is happening. I know my system can
> handle files > 4 dumped 9 gigs of relay output onto my hard
> drive the first time I played with that debug channel =P

What is your system? What is the value of errno after the lseek call?
Does calling lseek64 instead make any difference?


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