Road to 1.0

Dave Bialac dbialac at
Tue Mar 20 09:51:47 CDT 2007

Hi All

I've been following the list for about a year now, just reading and  
learning.  Through this process, I've come to wonder about the  
following question -- what should be the goal for Wine 1.0?  I know a  
lot of development is focused around getting one particular  
application or another to work, especially from the folks over at  
Code Weavers, but with version numbers approaching 1.0, should there  
not be a set goal of functionality?  My personal thought is that Wine  
should head in the direction of 100% compatibility with a particular  
version of Windows.  Anything that ran on that version should run on  
Wine 1.0 with no problems.  Any thoughts?


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