Regedit output to STDOUT / force registry files sync

Vit Hrachovy vit.hrachovy at
Tue Mar 20 15:12:46 CDT 2007

Bill Medland wrote:

>> b) Enhance regedit to be able to output to STDOUT. By default registry 
>> search output is done to a specified file. It can be redirected to 
>> STDERR, though. (tested on 0.9.29, 0.9.33)
> c) Use the shell
> wine regedit -e /tmp/$$.reg <branch> && cat /tmp/$$.reg && rm -f /tmp/$
> $.reg

Hi Bill,
that's not the case I'm searching for. I'm aware that regedit can export 
  into files. I simply want registry export to STDOUT nothing else.

As Lei Zhang mentioned such an application would be useful for more 
people than me, I'm going to submit a patch with some sort of new 
application [not to break 1 to 1 regedit compatibility] able to output 
registry entries to STDOUT.


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