Road to 1.0

Dan Kegel dank at
Tue Mar 20 16:30:32 CDT 2007

Vit wrote:
>Dan Kegel wrote:
>> FWIW, a couple of us have been puttering away on a scheme
>> to make writing application regression testers easier.
>AutoHotkey ( seems to do very well.
>I'm using it for automated installation of lots of Windows programs into
>WINE bottles as an initialization

Yes, that's what we're using.   We drive it with a 'small' python
script that verifyies a list of registry keys
and files were installed, downloads the app to install, etc.

> (something similar to winetricks).

Nah, winetricks is by design never going to use anything like autohotkey,
it's much smaller and crappier than that.  It's meant to be a little
tool that does one thing (install redistributable runtime libraries) and
does it with a minimum of code and glitz.

> Writing a series of batch scripts for automated testing is very easy.
> In fact complete Wine-Doors / Winebot projects can serve for this
> purpose too - as a repository of automated WINE tests.

Yes, when I heard that Wine-Doors used autohotkey, I
realized the same thing.
(I gather winebot is part of wine-doors,
I am quite skeptical of wine-doors, though, for various reasons.
(For instance, the web site is both overdesigned and amateurish,
the project was founded with way too much self-promotion, and
the goals were both grandiose and poorly explained.  Doesn't
mean they'll fail, but it does mean I find it painful to interact with them.)
- Dan

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