Road to 1.0

Dan Kegel dank at
Tue Mar 20 17:32:14 CDT 2007

Vit wrote:
>WineBot ( is a sort of lightweight
>implementation of some core thoughts, but with command line based
>interface and less dependencies. Both projects share some core ideas and
>data file formats.  WineBot goals are much smaller in scope than
>Wine-Doors ones, going in smaller steps.
>The main goal is to replace obsolete and almost unmaintainable winetools

You've got my attention.  That sounds like it fixes almost all
the problems I have with Wine-doors.

>Given list of manual steps required to install Oblivion
>this can be automated easily ...

The problem that wine developers have with recipies
like the one you cite is that most of the steps in
the recipe are there to work around bugs in Wine.
We would prefer to fix the bugs.  For instance,
the steps related to sound and winecfg should just
go away, hopefully this summer.  Likewise with directx
and registry settings.

That said, I'm certainly in favor of helping users,
as long as it's done 'right', for some hard to pin down
definition of 'right'.
- Dan

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