Enlarge max. length of PATH variable in programs/cmd/wcmdmain.c

Alexander.Farber at nokia.com Alexander.Farber at nokia.com
Wed Mar 21 08:30:27 CDT 2007

Hello Jason,

>>PS: I think   char string[1024]; in the main() should be extended 
>>    to   char string[2048];   as well! (please see the MS note above)

>Yes, I'd agree (to MAXSTRING, but change the 1024 in at least one of
the calls appropriately as well)

yes, there are several places in wcmdmain.c besides main() where 1024 is
wrongly used.
But that would be another patch - related to the max. length of

I hope my original patch will be applied (with 2048 or with MAXSTRING as
you suggest) 
- it is about the max. length of a PATH variable.


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