automatically running wineprefixcreate

Tom Spear speeddymon at
Wed Mar 21 09:31:23 CDT 2007

I was looking into my issues with menubuilder and trying to figure out
ways to make the setup automatic so that everything would go where it
should (since I know how to manually make wine put things in the
proper place), and I noticed that no matter how wine is invoked (wine,
winecfg, wineboot, winemine, notepad etc), if there is no ~/.wine it
runs wineprefixcreate _first_ in order to create it.

Currently in order to fix my issues, I have to re-run wineprefixcreate
after running winecfg to make sure the directories and files are put
in the place I have my fake c located.

Would it be possible to make winecfg run wineprefixcreate one more
time after the ok and apply buttons are pressed so that users dont
have to manually run it when they use winecfg?



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