Improving DirectDraw OpenGL renderer for SoC?

Alexander Nicolaysen Sørnes alex at
Wed Mar 21 14:01:24 CDT 2007


i am thinking about participating in the Summer of Code, and thought it would 
be interesting to improve DirectDraw such that Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun 
& Red Alert 2 run faster.  Currently, they crash once the mouse is moved 
in-game when OpenGL rendering is enabled.  Thus the project would involve 
fixing that bug, and then other performance issues/crashes that occur.
     However, I don't really have much experience with C and Wine.  The 
closest I have gotten is some patches for Wine's WordPad implementation.  
Would it be feasible to acquire the necessary knowledge and fix the bugs 
before the end of summer?


Alexander N. Sørnes

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