automatically running wineprefixcreate

Joris Huizer joris_huizer at
Thu Mar 22 09:54:13 CDT 2007

--- Tom Spear <speeddymon at> wrote:

> Because I have a 20gb drive that Linux is installed
> on, and a blank
> 40gb mounted at /mnt/d (there is no windows
> installed on it).  I want
> wine to install its things to my 40gb, and just for
> no other good
> reason than the fact that I am making an example of
> a normal user, I
> dont want to move the 40gb from /mnt/d ..  IMHO if
> we are going to
> give the users the option to put their c drive where
> they want to so
> easily, we should make assumptions that they will
> want anything
> installed there to be moved if they relocate it, or
> we should give
> them a way to setup where their c drive is located
> before anything is
> put there, instead of assuming that they want it
> located at
> ~/.wine/drive_c ..

It seems the easiest is to have ~/.wine a symlink to
some directory on /mnt/d (if possible), that "just works"

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