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Thu Mar 22 11:16:00 CDT 2007

On Thursday 22 March 2007 16:25, Vit Hrachovy wrote:

> First, it somehow mirrors info from AppDB. It can display application
> usability for range of WINE versions and also make available application on
> older WINE versions.
> For example Ubuntu Dapper Drake (6.06) will distribute and support Wine
> 0.9.9 for four years from now.

I'm not sure if that's a valid point. Breaking your system by installing 
proprietary dlls and system hacks or breaking your system by installing a 
more current wine version doesn't look too different to me. (Especially I'd 
like to question this logic for software that still calls itself beta. ;) )

> Second, using automated tools, regression tests can be fully automated,
> so building a repository of free game demos or applications is just a
> matter of time. Packages can be suited to fit specific WINE versions
> or made generic. Install scripts can fully automate / simulate 'normal'
> Windows installation process.

I'm not entirely sure how making sure the package installs qualifies as a full 
regression test.
> Creating regression testing DB is going hand in hand with package
> installer creation, so costs are low to nothing.

In fact, they have to be well-maintained or they are worthless. Alessandro 
Pignotti is working on dplayx.dll currently. However, it's not 100% useful 
yet, so the current tests would all use native dplayx.dll. Once Alessandro 
fixes dplayx.dll, someone needs to disable the override, or Alessandro's code 
is never tested. Looking at appdb, only the most popular apps have some sort 
of frequent testing.

> Automated regression testing could be a big plus of these solutions.
> WINE would profit greatly from this.

If the problem of e.g. dll overrides is correctly handled, maybe. If the same 
man hours went into writing regression tests, the same would apply, I 
guess. :)

Of course it would take nothing but a working, maintained regression test 
suite to prove me wrong.


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