Ok... Someone tell me WTF is going on here.

Giles Cameron giles at gilesfreeserv.com
Mon Mar 19 09:34:43 CDT 2007

Stefan Dösinger wrote:
> Am Samstag 17 März 2007 20:29 schrieb Giles Cameron:
>> Ok. I have been tring to track down what appears to be a bug in wine
>> while trying to get The Sims 2 (Seasons) to work. And so I have been
>> tring to add to the debug a bunch of useless bunk. and I am getting VERY
>> strange results, attached are the cdrom.c file I edited in dlls/ntdll/
>> and the output.
>> Did I manage to break the wine debugger? or uncover the monster of all
>> bugs? I am sitting here wondering "WTF" right now....
> You may see the copy protection doing its dirty work. WTF is sometimes the 
> right word for describing what that does.
> Instead of using winedbg you may consider gdb. Run gdb wine, then do a start 
> foo.exe
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

I suppose that "Debugger" was the wrong word to use, it is coming from
the Wine program, you know the "err:foo:CheckForBar Failed to find valid
Bar, aborting" like messages.

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