SoC idea: add BITS support

Jesse Allen the3dfxdude at
Thu Mar 22 12:03:48 CDT 2007

On 3/22/07, Kai Blin <kai.blin at> wrote:
> On Thursday 22 March 2007 16:00, Dan Kegel wrote:
> > Several applications require BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer
> > Service). Adding an implementation of BITS would be quite useful.
> This intrigued me, so I poked at the information on BITS a little. MSDN
> provides some fluff about using it, but doesn't give very much information
> interesting for implementing the COM interface, what a surprise.
> Anyway, I don't know what shape our iphlpapi is in, but I think it should be
> possible to at least get the basic features working in the context of a SoC
> project. Advanced features like authentication seem to rely on SPNEGO (MSDN
> calls it Snego, which is interesting, as all other MS papers I know call it
> Negotiate) to negotiate Kerberos or NTLM, and that's not there yet. Then
> again, I wouldn't call this a necessary feature.
> Go for it, people, only three days to do some more research on this. :)

Is three days enough? How much are we really supposed to know before
we apply for a project? If I take this idea for example, I don't know
anything at all about it. However, for another idea I have, I have
some basic idea on the concepts behind it, I just don't know really
know the API for it yet.  (And the ironic thing, I have only learned
windows programming through wine). I think I'd prefer applying for
something I got knowledge in. There is probably no way to be totally
prepared or know everything about something, especially since if there
was someone that did, then it would have already been done by now ;)


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