Road to 1.0

Dan Kegel dank at
Thu Mar 22 12:42:20 CDT 2007

On 3/22/07, Vit Hrachovy <vit.hrachovy at> wrote:
> For example Ubuntu Dapper Drake (6.06) will distribute and support Wine
> 0.9.9 for four years from now.

I suspect they will be willing to update Drake to wine-1.0 when we release it,
since it will be far, far superior to wine-0.9.9.

> Automated regression testing could be a big plus of these solutions.
> WINE would profit greatly from this.

That's certainly true, but only for installers.  We can probably
handle scripting the installers ourselves.  The real work will
be in scripting tests of the full apps, which you're not contemplating doing.

> Third, having list of 'hacks' stored in 'unified' manner within
> repository simplifies access to 'fixups' for outstanding issues. At
> least they will be at one place (similar to AppDB now).

Pragmatically, I understand where you're coming from.
What's missing is for you to declare things like:

* My goal in writing Winebot is to help Wine succeed
* I pledge to use only the bare minimum of native DLLs in any Winebot recipe
* I pledge to remove native DLLs from Winebot recipes as soon as Wine
fixes the bugs that keep Wine's DLLs from being sufficient for that app
* I will report bugs to the Wine project in the course of working on Winebot
* I will help Wine by writing not just Winebot recipes, but also
basic application regression test scripts

That last one especially would endear you to the Wine community.


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