Build script for older RPM distros

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger c-d.hailfinger.devel.2006 at
Thu Mar 22 14:41:49 CDT 2007


On 22.03.2007 20:12, Lei Zhang wrote:
> It looks like we have not been doing a good job of maintaining Wine
> RPMs for older RH (derived) systems. On the Wine download page
> ( the text link for RH/Fedora is a
> 404, and the icon links to an out of date page:

The RH download page should probably point to the SUSE download page.

> Does anyone want to do the builds for these systems? I wrote a script
> to automate building RPMs for RH 9 / RHEL 3 / CentOS 4. The script
> checks against the git web interface for the latest version of Wine,
> and it will download and build Wine if it finds a new release. One
> just need to have a working copy of the target OS and put the script
> in a cron job.

Marcus Meissner makes full wine releases and daily snapshots available
at for
* Fedora_Core_4
* Fedora_Core_5
* Fedora_Core_6
* Mandriva_2006
* SLE-10
* SLES9_and_NLD9
* SUSE_Factory
* SUSE_Linux_9.3
* SUSE_Linux_10.0
* SUSE_Linux_10.1
* openSUSE_10.2


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