Winebot / Wine-Doors Was: Road to 1.0

Jan Zerebecki at
Thu Mar 22 23:44:01 CDT 2007

On Thu, Mar 22, 2007 at 10:03:46PM -0600, James Hawkins wrote:
> If developers working on projects such as Wine-Doors
> contributed to Wine, then the bugs would be fixed even faster.

I think that this is not necessarily (always) true, probably not
even most of the time.

Does a developer of e.g. Wine-Doors even has the skill to fix
these bugs? It's at least not the same skill set. (I think one
can say that some good amount of Wine bugs are harder to fix than
coding something like Wine-Doors.)

See another mail by me in this thread, sent somewhat earlier, for
some provisions that if followed would make something like
Wine-Doors IMHO useful to wine (not only for users but also for
developers). However if those provisions are not met, it would
probably only result in another winetools and I don't want that

Do you think that with those provisions it would still not help

I think it's somewhat similar to: "If all the work on coding
those debuggers is spend on writing proper code, we would get
bug free much sooner." It's the "work on tools for project" vs
"work on project" trade-off.


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