Allow enabling/disabling Direct3D usage of GLSL in Winecfg

Vit Hrachovy vit.hrachovy at
Fri Mar 23 04:20:05 CDT 2007

H. Verbeet wrote:
> On 22/03/07, Vit Hrachovy <vit.hrachovy at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> according to thread 'WineCfg and DirectX options' at wine-devel, I'm
>> proposing a patch for winecfg to allow enabling/disabling usage of GLSL
>> for Direct3D applications rendering. Patch will add a checkbox into
>> Graphics -> Direct 3D section of Winecfg.
> IMO this doesn't belong in winecfg. Nevertheless, if you want to do
> this, you should change the resources for languages other than English
> as well.

I've inspected Cs.rc and other .rc files and I've found that lots of 
them differ greatly from En.rc. Am I missing some process of notifying 
translators that En.rc has been changed?

En.rc seems most up to date, so I've updated this as a reference one for 
states that translators should use En.rc for reference implementation.

It looks like winecfg has a different interface for different languages 
due to this nature of locales implementation.

I understand Your point, but as the .rc files varies so much, I'm not 
sure whether I'll break something if I modify the languages I'm not 

I can sync Cs.rc with actual En.rc, if it's enough to address your advice.


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