xcopy / cmd question (lack of real exe in system32)

Jason Edmeades us at edmeades.me.uk
Fri Mar 23 04:35:43 CDT 2007

> I'm just curious: xcopy.exe is an external program in Windows,
> but you want to make it a builtin command in Wine?

No, its already committed in the tree already as an external program 

The installer I was fiddling with which caused me to write xcopy 
actually uses (effectively) "cmd.exe /c xcopy....". The fact I cant run 
a wine supplied program from within another portion of wine was what 
concerned me. I was trying to understand how wine locates it, given that 
CreateProcess doesnt find it (nor SearchPath).

IF the answer is that we need fake dlls, we probably need to ensure we 
do it for any exe from the wine 'programs' branch.


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