Road to 1.0

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Fri Mar 23 14:26:28 CDT 2007

"Tom Wickline" <twickline at> writes:

> I see Wine 1.0 as a set of features that AJ has decided upon, once the
> feature set is in the tree then a feature freeze will go onto effect..
> Then one to six months of only bug fixes. Then wala 1.0 is born.
> At the last Conf if memory serves me correctly there was mention of a
> feature freeze happening sometime early this year. And I would only
> guess to say the release notes after the freeze would read "X" amount
> of bugs were fixed in this release, as no new features would be
> implemented.

That's still the plan, yes. I'm mostly waiting for the games support
to stabilize; the other main areas, office apps and installers, both
seem in good enough shape at this point.  I'm also hoping we can make
some progress on the x11drv factorisation before the freeze, so that
we don't need to change the interface too much to add the quartz
driver later on, we'll see how that goes. And if we delay it a bit
more maybe we can slip in Safedisc support too...

Alexandre Julliard
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