xcopy / cmd question (lack of real exe in system32)

Ann & Jason Edmeades us at edmeades.me.uk
Fri Mar 23 16:46:30 CDT 2007

>> The installer I was fiddling with which caused me to write xcopy
>> actually uses (effectively) "cmd.exe /c xcopy....". The fact I cant
>> run a wine supplied program from within another portion of wine was
>> what concerned me. I was trying to understand how wine locates it,
>> given that CreateProcess doesnt find it (nor SearchPath).
>> IF the answer is that we need fake dlls, we probably need to ensure we
>> do it for any exe from the wine 'programs' branch.
>No, cmd.exe should be fixed to be able to run a builtin exe even if
>the file is not found in the path. CreateProcess is able to do that
>already, so it's probably just a matter of not bailing out when
>SearchPath fails.

Unfortunately I need to know if it's a console app or not, and hence call
FindExecutable followed by SHGetFileInfo. These don't seem to report
anything on the internal programs so I couldn't tell whether to wait for it
to complete (eg xcopy) or let it run (eg notepad). 

I'm patching it to assume worse case (run it synchronous) and just wait,
unless you have any other suggestions, working on the theory this is a very
rare case.


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