DirectDrawRenderer - opengl non power of 2 windows

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Sat Mar 24 16:38:50 CDT 2007

> Now I traced the problem down to:
> dlls/wined3d/surface.c
> d3dfmt_convert_surface
> loops over the surface height and width, the only problem is that the
> surface height appears to be scaled up to the next power of 2.
> As carmageddon runs in 320x200 the loop tries to iterate over 320x256
> and subsequently crashes with a page fault in winedbg.
Sounds like that the surface conversion code still makes some assumptions 
about the allocated memory size and the surface size. Wine used to allocate 
the full power of 2 size, but I removed that and allocate only the real 
surface size because there are some applications which expected a specific 
pitch for the surface. The power of 2 size usage vs real size was pretty 
inconsistent, I guess there is another inconsistency.
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