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Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Sun Mar 25 07:45:29 CDT 2007

In another thread Alexandre has mentioned to wait for game stuff to stabilize 
before the 1.0 freeze. I think its time for another brainstorm of what 
features are still missing which we want in 1.0. The DirectX Todo has a long 
list but it tends to be useless to me. And I see that it can use some more 
cleanup( /me blames Tom-W for not nagging me enough :-) ) It also sounds like 
AJ takes games as an excuse to delay the freeze for the display driver 
cleanup, and I was tempted to take the display driver cleanup as an excuse to 
get more dx stuff in.

So which of the following things do we want for 1.0?

* Some SM 3.0 features are still missing. Instancing is now in, vertex 
textures and some other stuff still missing. Not widely used among games yet.

* Multithreading. OpenGL part done(except of 3 patches which I'll NOT send for 
now (*) ), but needs synchronisation. Will take a lot of time.

* OpenGL ddraw. Render target locking improvements, multithreading.

* Many games to not run yet, problems on MacOS drivers and fglrx. For the D3D 
part I see that as bugfixes which can happen after the freeze as far as I 
understand things.

* Direct3D10. Will see if someone applies for my SoC proposal.

(*) The patches that do the context selection. I won't send them because with 
my testing patches people started hunting phantom bugs which were the result 
of missing synchronisation.

DirectSound: Maarten plans to work on that for SoC I think. Freezing now would 
make that difficult. Would mean to delay the freeze until September / October 
most at least. I'd personally really apprechiate dsound and alsa working 
better in 1.0.

OpenGL: I don't really know of the windowed opengl state, and the wined3d -> 
wgl move. Still planned?

DirectPlay: Kai works on the protocol, but I think he doesn't plan to 
implement it anytime soon. It seems the current idea is to improve our 
networking libs to get native dplay working.
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