Road to 1.0

Dan Kegel dank at
Sun Mar 25 09:39:01 CDT 2007

Alexandre wrote:
> That's still the plan, yes. I'm mostly waiting for the games
> support to stabilize; the other main areas, office apps and
> installers, both seem in good enough shape at this point.

I suppose it depends on your definition of "office apps".
Adobe Acrobat Pro and Quicken don't work yet, and
they get used in a lot of offices.

> I'm also hoping we can make some progress on the x11drv
> factorisation before the freeze, so that we don't need to
> change the interface too much to add the quartz driver later
> on, we'll see how that goes. And if we delay it a bit more
> maybe we can slip in Safedisc support too...

Oh, yes, please.

Here's a try at a 1.0 wish list:
- Safedisc support
- OpenGL child window problem solved for most common cards at least
- Adobe CS2/8 era apps installing and working
- Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 working (I'm selfish, I need that one :-)
- Quicken 2006 installing/working (including online banking that
requires 128 bits)
- Mono integration working for non-toy apps
- At least some of Munich's VB6 and/or databasey apps working
  (Hans just submitted a bunch of patches to fix most of the
   install issues in one)
- Better application regression test suite (cxtest, yawt)

October is looking about right for the start of the freeze, given that
huge list.

And my 1.1 wish list (i.e. hard things we can let slip past 1.0):
- Activation context support
- Quicken 2007 (which requires activation context support?)

- Dan

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