Safedisc support (was: Road to 1.0)

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Sun Mar 25 11:45:46 CDT 2007

Am Sonntag 25 März 2007 17:33 schrieb Phil Costin:
> Also, just out of interest, would a working safedisc implementation provide
> the necessary underpinnings to support the hexalock copy protection system?
> (
I think the needed infrastructure is the same, but of course we will have to 
do extra bugfixing for each copy protection scheme.

That hexalock thing sounds pretty rootkitish. I suspect that the real content 
of the cd is encrypted, with an unencrypted decryption program. That 
decryption program installs a rootkit which catches and blocks copy 
operations on the source files and hacks MS IE 6 to prevent copy and paste. 

If they were not completely stupid I am afraid that thing will not work unless 
we load the driver into the Linux kernel. If the same driver that prevents 
copy operations does the decryption it will have to be hooked into the Linux 
cdrom driver. Maybe with raw access the decryption can be done to allow 
programs in wine to access the cd, but not Linux programs. There is a 
wikipedia page about it, but it is only a copy of the website.

Of course if they are stupid enough to store the protected content 
unencrypted, then we only have to make the rootkit happy enough to give the 
app its OK.

Personally I cannot see how their copy protected CDRs can resist a simple dd 
if=/dev/cdrom of=copy.iso
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