Wine's official Coverity contact(s)

Paul Vriens at
Sun Mar 25 12:05:02 CDT 2007


a few days ago I've received an email from Mikołaj Zalewski requesting an 
account for Coverity !?

I know that in the past some of us dealt with Coverity already. I had a look at 
the new website and apparently things changed with respect to creating (and 
approving) new accounts. (Before the new website came alive I think just sending 
an email got you an account). I must say it's not clear to me how the process 
currently work but sending an email to scan-admin at should do the 
trick. The approval then has to be done by the main contact(s).

The next step will be that the main contact(s) will have some kind of 
administration rights to add/change/delete(?) accounts (at least that's how I 
understood it).

I'm currently in contact with one of the Coverity guys and volunteered to be one 
of the main contacts. I had a look through the list of current users and all of 
them look valid to me.

I think it will be good to have one or two more main contacts. So anyone 
volunteering? There will hardly be any work involved (I hope). Mainly dealing 
with approving new accounts and communicating things back to the Wine community.



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