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Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Sun Mar 25 13:21:46 CDT 2007

Some other thread got into a sub-discussion of how to deal with driver issues. 
I think it is a slightly bigger issue, so I start a seperate thread about it.

First of all, we will never get rid of driver bugs. Even if all bugs are fixed 
in drivers there will be old driver versions around, and there will be 
misconfiguration. My experince with supporting CrossOver users, and (older) 
memories of #winehq shows that many people run into problem which are caused 
by missing 3D drivers.

The usual procedure is to isolate the issue, then write a seperate test app 
and report the issue to the driver developer. Thats perfectly fine I'd say.

My suggestion is to collect those test cases in a Wine driver test suit 
somewhere, a seperate application(in the wine tree or not) which users can 
run to test their systems for known issues. This would make dealing with bugs 
easier, when a user complains why wow is terribly slow tell him to check his 
system with that test app, or if a user reports a bug with simmilar issues 
tell him to test the driver too. The test app reports detected issues to the 
user and can store links to bug reports(if publically available) and the 
driver version which has the bug fixed(if any). That test app should be a 
native Linux / MacOS app, not an application running in wine to exclude wine 

If that idea is not accepted, I can set up a git repositority for collecting 
individual driver tests so we have them archived somewhere at least.

Bugs are not limited to 3D drivers of course, some kernel versions are known 
to have issues too, so the whole proposal is not limited to 3D stuff.
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