WineD3D: Use GL_TEXTURE_2D for dummy textures

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Mon Mar 26 05:16:45 CDT 2007

> Stefan, you mentioned something about "colliding with the normal 2d
> handling" - from the code I don't see any problems and since you got no
> test app... tell me if there's anything wrong with this.

> static void activate_dimensions(DWORD stage, IWineD3DStateBlockImpl 
*stateblock) {
> +    glDisable(GL_TEXTURE_1D);
> +    checkGLcall("glDisable(GL_TEXTURE_1D)");
With the dummy texture beeing 2D we should not need to ever disable 
GL_TEXTURE_1D. According to the red book GL_TEXTURE_2D is preferred over _1D, 
_3D over _2D and _CUBE over _3D. Thus we would not even need the 
glDisable(GL_TEXTURE_2D) and can just leave it enabled, except if the 
stage(or any before) has a colorop of D3DTOP_DISABLE.

Pixel shaders ignore GL_ENABLE(GL_TEXTURE_xD)

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