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Thu Mar 29 02:41:29 CDT 2007


I have the 0.9.33 page done, and you may notice that Wine regressed in
a couple of the test. When looking at these scores you will need to
take into account the actual visual quality . The scores were somewhat
high in past test because everything wasn't being rendered, while that
makes for a nice score the visual wasn't on par with that of Windows.

As of 0.9.33 the visual quality is very close to that of Windows, so
in test like 3DMark2001SE we not only got drastically improved visual
quality, we also have a 50% improvement in performance! And 3DMark 03
has a nice showing out of the gate as well.

Why no OpenGL test?

I plan to wait for a resolution to a couple outstanding OpenGL bugs,
and then run the test again. I also plan to dramatically increase the
screen resolution in the next update, GL-Excess in the past was run at
only 640x480x16 in the future all test will be run at a resolution of
1024x768x32 or greater.

If all goes well In a couple months there should be another update
with OpenGL test and 3DMark 05/06 results. If 3DMark 2000, 2001SE or
2003 should drastically change ill also update them as well at that

I also updated the CAPS page with 0.9.33 and 1.0.9755.

0.9.33 results:

Past results:

CAPS results:

Some screen shots of past test results.... You may want to look at
them ASAP if your interested in them, I plan to ask Dimi to rm -rf the
page in a couple weeks to save the HD space on the wiki server, this
way I can start a new "In Progress" page and not feel guilty about
uploading all the shots :D


Tom Wickline

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