Wine Benchmarks and CAPS

Frank Richter frank.richter at
Thu Mar 29 07:26:58 CDT 2007

On 29.03.2007 09:41, Tom Wickline wrote:
> CAPS results:

Some note on the coloring: presumably, a green coloring in the Wine row
means "better", red means "worse".

For true/false caps those that Wine has but native doesn't are green,
while those that Wine does not have but native not are red.

However, presence of a cap is not always better: for example
D3DPTEXTURECAPS_CUBEMAP_POW2 - MSDN says that this means "Device
requires that cube texture maps have dimensions specified as powers of
two." So it's actually better if the flag is absent (as that means
cubemaps can be non-POW2). It would be nice if the visual hint could
reflect that - this way a red background would be a clear signal that
"this needs work".


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