Wine Benchmarks and CAPS

Tom Spear speeddymon at
Thu Mar 29 08:28:21 CDT 2007

On 3/29/07, Tom Wickline <twickline at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have the 0.9.33 page done, and you may notice that Wine regressed in
> a couple of the test. When looking at these scores you will need to
> take into account the actual visual quality . The scores were somewhat
> high in past test because everything wasn't being rendered, while that
> makes for a nice score the visual wasn't on par with that of Windows.
> As of 0.9.33 the visual quality is very close to that of Windows, so
> in test like 3DMark2001SE we not only got drastically improved visual
> quality, we also have a 50% improvement in performance! And 3DMark 03
> has a nice showing out of the gate as well.
> Why no OpenGL test?
> I plan to wait for a resolution to a couple outstanding OpenGL bugs,
> and then run the test again. I also plan to dramatically increase the
> screen resolution in the next update, GL-Excess in the past was run at
> only 640x480x16 in the future all test will be run at a resolution of
> 1024x768x32 or greater.
> If all goes well In a couple months there should be another update
> with OpenGL test and 3DMark 05/06 results. If 3DMark 2000, 2001SE or
> 2003 should drastically change ill also update them as well at that
> time.
> I also updated the CAPS page with 0.9.33 and 1.0.9755.
> 0.9.33 results:
> Past results:
> CAPS results:
> Some screen shots of past test results.... You may want to look at
> them ASAP if your interested in them, I plan to ask Dimi to rm -rf the
> page in a couple weeks to save the HD space on the wiki server, this
> way I can start a new "In Progress" page and not feel guilty about
> uploading all the shots :D

Hi Tom, thanks for the updates!  I just wanted to ask about Aquamark.
How come there isnt a test with that one?  I use it more than I use



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