Question about OpenAL

Mike Schaadt mschaadt at
Thu Mar 29 10:38:26 CDT 2007

Is there any interest in adding OpenAL to Wine?  I would imagine it's
relatively simple to implement the OpenAL dll that would be a simple
wrap around the Linux OpenAL library assuming they have the same
functionality(from what I know of OpenAL, they should).

It's not a very common library, but if we could implement it on top of
the local implementation, that would mean that programs that use it
would be using local devices without having to go through the
DirectSound library.

I'm not talking about using OpenAL as an audio driver, but an
implementation of the OpenAL library for Wine that would use the local
version of OpenAL.  I tried looking around, and the only thing I found
was talk about the OpenAL driver, and also brief requests for an
OpenAL dll, but I didn't see anything official.

Any thoughts on if this is something that would be beneficial to add?

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