Is Wine a platform for Codeweaver to make money?! Please help me understand.

Sasan Iman iman at
Wed Mar 28 21:46:51 CDT 2007


First of all, let me say that I am not a developer. But I have been
interested in Wine since early 2003. The thing that has always made me
scratch my head is that the Windows software that motivates me to
install Wine on my linux system (i.e. MS OFfice, etc.) has never worked
with wine in a reliable manner. Meanwhile, Codeweaver has always had MS
Office working on Wine.

Now shouldn't getting the most common windows software working on Wine
in an idiot-proof (meaning I can get it to work) manner be the highest
priority for Wine developers? Instead, this is left to CodeWeavers and

I know that if you fiddle around with the stock release long enough you
can get MS Office working on Wine as I have on a number of occasions,
but shouldn't making this work for everyone be the highest priority for
getting Wine to be adopted more widely?! Or is Wine more targeted to
gamers which is mostly what I read about on WineHQ?

I just can't understand why the more common application are left to a
commercial company. My conspiratorial side makes me want to think this
is a conspiracy but I am sure there is valid technical and logistical
reasons for it so I am asking you guys.



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